Best smartphones under US$200

It may seem harsh to say that the Moto 360 interface isn’t nearly as good, because that’s Google’s fault, not really Motorola’s. But we were very impressed with the intuitiveness, simplicity and speed of the Tizen user interface. So much so that we’re comfortable saying it’s the best smartwatch interface available at this time. I hardly ever thought I’d say this, but Google could learn something or two from Samsung where wearable interfaces are concerned.

The message seems to be apparent: Google needs to begin making some main improvements in Android Wear or they aren’t only likely to lose customers, but also the support of their OEM partners. Google’s attempt to recreate with Android Wear what they wish to see in Android (stock only) has clearly not worked as planned. The addition of iOS support would be a huge step for Wear, nonetheless it would have to be the first of many.

Skype’s sound quality in video calls was pretty distorted and had plenty of unusual high pitched and squeaky audio artifacts. In video calls, Hangouts sounded better to my ear. Here’s another screenshot from each video call following the image acquired settled down a bit. I sort of choose the quality of the Hangouts image and the actual fact your own video picture is a lot less intrusive, but Skype gives a little more life to the topic with regards to color. You decide which you think is better.

As you can see in the screenshots (I used my colleague’s app because he has a lot more training data than me!), there’s a simple map view that switches to a monitoring screen when you’re in the middle of an activity, be it walking or running, that may keep an eye on time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned and enable you to snap shots along the real way with geo-tagging capabilities. All this data will be saved to your profile and can be shared with friends and family.

This is a very subtle, very clever design decision that efficiently removes table scratches from the mix so far as display damage goes. Sure, your keys will still do a number on it and also other random objects in your pocket or bag, but it shows LG offers your screen at heart – like everyone else should. It’s fine details like these that give me hope for the continuing future of smartphone design. It’s not about big flashy style revolutions, but also about smart and nearly invisible improvements that show the designers are planning.

Google’s mapping service not only offers all of the features that will be entirely on your smartphone, but also will provide complete procedure done by voice commands. As stated before, you won’t need to have to eliminate your hands from the wheel or even look into your smartphone to get Google Maps to show you were to go, ways to get there, or why you made that wrong turn.